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Rare Books:

Creatures of the Last Days
The Horsepersons Research Institute
Ten Billion Sushi Dinners
Prerequisite Slashy-Goodness Section
Send One In

Travel Agency:

Apocalipsis (in Spanish)
Buggre Alle This: The Good Omens RPG
FanFiction.Net: Good Omens
Good Omens comic
Good Omens Lyric Wheel
Good Omens movie
Lower Tadfield
Musical Comedies Without the Music
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oldie | be-bop ^_^

Hello, and welcome to Saunter Vaguely Downward, a fan fiction archive with two points over good ol’ FanFiction.Net: No real downtime and significantly fewer pop-up advertisements.

If you’d like to send in a Tale of the Last Days - or Before or After the Last Days, we’re flexible - there are a few guidelines to be had. Fic categorization and the location of said guidelines explained to your right. If the itch to wander should strike you, we also have a Travel Agency set up for just such a purpose.

Recent Updates: Four new fics from me are up, as are a plethora from various new-to-the-site authors. Author pages are a project for another time, I think; in the meantime, look! Horsepersons fic by people other than me!

Explanations For the Confuzzled

“Rare Books” is also known as the fan fiction section.
Creatures of the Last Days - sorted by author, Horsepersons Research Institute - Horsepersons fic, Prerequisite Slashy-Goodness Section - ...hmm, let’s think about this, and Ten Billion Sushi Dinners - miscellaneous. The last link under Rare Books is the submission guidelines. There aren’t many, but please do read them if you want to sumbit something.
“Travel Agency” is a conglomerate of off-site links, a few of which are somehow related to Good Omens. The others are to people who have somehow contributed to the existence of this site.
“The Book of Guest” is the guestbook - should be rather self-explanatory from there.
A bit of information about the book can be found here, for those who have wandered in from parts various.
Disclaimers and Whatnot

Template design by Amy, hosting by and Homepage-Host, most excellent book which transpired need for fan site by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. /me has absolutely nothing official to do with the authors or anyone involved in the upcoming movie. (I did, however, draw the picture up top. And I should never be trusted to do more than M-birds again, as that blob at the top is meant to be the vulture. XD)

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